Create the finish you desire.
All of our processing is designed to include the customer in determining the final appearance of the product, therefore, all of these processes can be altered to meet the specific and most difficult desires of our customers. So please feel free to ask for the impossible, you just might get it.

Camouflage Anodizing
Give your product the camouflage appearance your customers demand. A variety of camouflage appearances are available to meet your need, desire, or price requirement and custom camouflage appearances can be created to give your product unique recognition in the marketplace.

  Anodized Graphics
This process allows you to place text, logos, or other graphics displays on your product through anodizing to add a more high-tech appearance while accomplishing greater durability than many other alternatives process.
Solid Color Anodizing
Choose from any one of our thirteen colors, which are available daily, to give your product the appearance you need.


Red burgundy tint

Red orange tint



Olive Brown






Olive Drab



DDS Anodizing
This process can be combined with any of our other high quality finishes for customers who need their product to be non-reflective. DDS processing adds a non-reflective appearance without causing a disturbance of dimensional characteristics.

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